Energize your body, strengthen your mind.


REVITALIZE: 4 week Program

January 8th - February 4th

Empowering Workouts

Each week you'll have a curated workout schedule to help you build your stamina & strength. From barre to cardio to stretch & flows you'll tap into a new way of moving your body that will leave you feeling energized.


It all begins with doing the inner work. You'll gain clarity with goal setting, weekly journal prompts and guided meditations at the end of every live class helping you regulate your nervous system and find balance in your mind & soul.

Community of Sweat

You are not in this alone. Witness the power of our Sweat Sisterhood community that will be motivating you throughout the challenge. We have a community forum in the App to foster connections & inspire you to keep on moving.

The new year & beyond

Revitalize is a 4 week program but that is just the beginning. The goal is to deliver you tools to use beyond the program. At Hoodfit, we believe health isn't a focused period of time, it's a lifestyle empowering you  to Rep Your Womanhood!

Ready to launch into 2024 with a game-changing program?

LFG!!!! It's time to recharge your battery & energize your spirit because you deserve to FEEL GOOD.

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